About CKNet

Catholic Kids Net Inc. (CKNet in short) is a not-for-profit, registered Canadian charity, which exists to develop, promote, and facilitate Catholic youth programs. Our camps and retreats provide high-quality, engaging activities designed to form and strengthen youth as they discover their innate dignity and worth, discern their vocation, and grow in their relationship with Christ.

CKNet and its programs are 100% volunteer driven. We use the rich skill sets of those that have participated & befriended our programs as “Missionaries” to assist in our ministry – both during our camps and year-round. We also depend on benefactor support & fund-raising to assist in keeping programs accessible, engaging, & affordable for families.

About our amazing camps!

Our camps are established gender-specific adventure camps providing Catholic faith formation and mentorship to youth in a unique way. The message of the gospel is experienced by all involved through parables with rich Catholic undertones delivered in a fun, virtue-building, medieval storyline. In Arcātheos, boys and men draw swords to fight evil and learn their strength as true sons of God. In Captivenia, girls and women engage their hearts and wits to protect their land as they discover their incredible grace and dignity as beloved daughters of God. All of this is done with an eye for time-period authenticity and with creative fantasy flair that captivates the imaginations of young and old alike. Arcatheos is approaching its 20th anniversary and Captivenia its 11th.

Our camps are structured to operate with family adult volunteers – mainly father/son, mother/daughter, but we also have grandparents coming with grandkids. This adult family involvement allows for exciting parent/child shared experiences but also provides ample opportunity for adult fraternity and formation. Strong multi-generational friendships are developed by working shoulder to shoulder with great people from all over. Parents learn that they are not alone in their mission to raise and form their catholic families and are invigorated in the experience. And parents that can’t participate are comforted knowing of the committed family network working together to provide their children with an amazing camp experience.