Safe Environment Policy & Procedures Quick Reference Guide

Prior to participating in Catholic Kids Net Inc programs, all adults must complete required screening, training and orientation on or before June 30th.

Catholic Kids Net, Inc. is committed to providing appropriate, helpful and safe programs through ensuring a strong foundation which supports our team to proclaim the Catholic faith with integrity and; to protect, strengthen and support our faith community through the work of volunteers.

Catholic Kids Net Inc. is proud to be a member of Praesidium Academy. Our decision to exceed national standards of care comes from our strong commitment to protect our staff, volunteers, and campers. Protection of the vulnerable and providing a safe environment for all program participants is always our primary concern.

Our policies and procedures are designed to facilitate effective monitoring and supervision in order to protect all program participants.


Adult Volunteers

1. First-time adult participants only, please complete the online Participant Application.

2. Interview with Camp Directorship:

• Program Formation Team with Emily Price - Captivenia and Dr. Brian Doran - Arcātheos.
• Program Support Team (parents) with Tammy Subasic - Captivenia and Dr. Brian Doran - Arcātheos.

3. Read Catholic Kids Net, Inc. Camp Program Policiy & Procedures Manual.

4. Complete the online Volunteer Service Agreement, required annually.

5. Obtain Vulnerable Sector Check. A vulnerable sector check is a police information check plus a check to see if a person has a record suspension (pardon) for sexual offences.from your local police detachment.   It is your responsibility to cover fees for this service if applicable. CKNet can provide a letter of request that may waive fee for this service. NB: CKNet ONLY accepts a Vulnerable Sector Check run through your local police detachment. NB: Online back ground checks (such as do NOT include Vulnerable Sector check and will not be accepted.

6. Obtain Intervention Record Check** or equivalent (child service record check).

7. Scan and email copy of VSC & IRC to appropriate program volunteer coordinator.

8. Mail original VSC & IRC if you have these prior to June 30th. If obtained after July 1st, please bring originals to camp and provide to the appropriate volunteer coordinator.

Catholic Kids Net Inc.
43 Maligne Drive
Devon, AB T9G 1P7

If we do not have originals of VSC and IRC, you will not be able to participate in the program.

*VSC & IRC’s can take up to several weeks to process. Originals are to be submitted to CKNet and will be kept on file for 5 years. These must be submitted at your earliest convenience.

**NB. In some provinces the Child Service Record check is part of the Vulnerable Sector check.


Please connect with Carissa Weimer (Captivenia) and Michael Subasic (Arcātheos) to determine needs for Training Courses if you have completed prior courses for Diocesan programs.

Training Courses are provided through Praesidium Academy, available 24/7 for your convenience. Praesidium Academy provides the gold standard for abuse prevention designed specifically to keep camps safe. The complete line of training and services are designed to educate camp volunteers—making camper safety everyone's priority.

CKNet course requirements:

First-Time Adult Program Participant: (1) Foundations: Preventing Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations, (2) Keeping Your Overnight Camp Safe, (3) Duty to Report

Returning Adult Program Participant: (1) Foundations: Preventing Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations, (2) Keeping Your Overnight Camp Safe


Carissa Weimer and Michael Subasic will assist you with activating your personal account with Praesidium Academy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in assisting us in ensuring a safe environment for all campers and volunteers.

Carissa Weimer
Captivenia Safe Environment Coordinator

Michael Subasic
Arcatheos Safe Environment Coordinator